Rollerblading & Volleyball in Mexico

Sunday, September 11, 2016
We had breakfast overlooking the ocean at our resort's open-air restaurant, then took a taxi and actually made it to the supermarket we looked for the day before. The store, Mega, is just what it's named. It was like the Mexican version of Wal-Mart, and had everything! Jayme and Andy were the only ones in our group who knew any Spanish, so shopping was an adventure all in itself! Trying to figure out what the packages were telling us, converting pesos to dollars to see if the prices were fair, and trying to explain pesos, dollars, and exchange rates to my aunt took up our entire morning.

Our afternoon was spent relaxing. We ordered Pizza Hut for supper, and it was delivered on a motorcycle! We spent the night like any loyal Wisconsinite would, watching the Packers! Only our commentary was in Spanish...

Monday, September 12, 2016
When we met with David on Saturday, he told us we could get free breakfast one day if we listened to the resort's timeshare-esque presentation. Jayme, Andy, and I heard "free" and were all for that, so we had breakfast with John, from the resort on Monday. After breakfast, Sue and Dave went with John for the presentation while Jayme, Andy and I went back to our room and strapped on some blades!

I rollerblade about once every three years in the United States, but my cousin can get me to do some
pretty crazy stuff, so when she told me to pack rollerblades I did. My experience rollerblading is limited almost entirely to roller rinks with smooth, maintained floors. We were in Mexico with varying sidewalk conditions, including cracks, drop-offs, and textured cement. Jayme cruised on ahead, while Andy and I followed, a little shakily. Our destination was Mega again, this time to buy supplies to make Team Wyss/USA shirts. The journey there and back was a little stressful at times (especially when it came to trying to stop), but I'm glad I did it! It's not everyday you rollerblade in a foreign country. What a truly unique experience!
Rollerblading in Mexico!

After lunch and taping the shirts, Jayme and I joined Andy and Dave for some beach volleyball. I dove for the ball, and skinned open my knee. I thought I had hit a big rock in the sand until we later discovered there was cement under the sand, and the sand actually wasn't very deep at all! Under the cover of darkness that night, I spray painted our shirts in the grass off our patio.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Feeding the fish
Our resort had daily activities scheduled, and this morning Sue and I fed the fish off the pier with two ladies from California and Azael, one of the activities leaders. The heat and oppressing humidity in Cozumel is so intense that after an hour of doing nearly nothing, just throwing bread into the ocean, we were ready to retreat to our room again. I taped the letters on the front of our shirts, and when Jayme joined us she made the people figures.

That afternoon we hit the sand volleyball court again. This time it was a resort scheduled activity, so our group of four was joined by Azael and another Dave. I'm such an intensely competitive athlete (wink) that I dove for the ball again, and reopened my knee from the day before. A little later Jayme dove and got a big scrape on her knee as well!

Going in the ocean!
Remember when I mentioned the heat and humidity? Yea, it's bad enough when you simply sit, and if you do any real physical activity you are dripping gross! After playing volleyball we were more than ready to cool of in the ocean! My first ocean swim of the vacation. Inside our resort's buoyed swim area was a sunken airplane used as a movie prop, and an old anchor which I eagerly went to see. The ocean was so clear, I simply put my head in the water at the surface and could see perfectly to the bottom!

Deciding nobody would yell at us for spray painting, I sprayed the front of our shirts before it got dark because that night was a movie on the pool deck!
"Tri Mommy Tri"


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