Life Changes in Mexico!

Thursday, September 15, 2016
We planned to stay at the resort all day because there were 6 cruise ships in port on the island (one with 9,000 people), and roads were closed at different times for the Triathlon.
Our view Thursday: cruise ships
The day started with me in the lobby (only place with reliable wifi connection) working on a resume and cover letter that were due the next day. Before leaving for Mexico, I had interviewed for my dream job, a position at Camp Luther in Three Lakes, WI. I would find out either while in Mexico, or shortly after I got back if I got it. While the thought of not working at camp full-time made my heart sick, the "responsible" part of me begrudgingly knew it would be wise to start looking into second options. So, I would use a lazy day in Mexico to apply for a "Plan B." It was extremely rough-going. It seemed like everything I typed sounded cheesy or dumb. I finished a [very] rough draft of my cover letter, took a Facebook break, and saw that Woody from camp had messaged me. This was it - I either had a job or didn't. I took a deep breath and opened the message. 

"How about another first day at Camp Luther?" I quickly read the rest of the message, almost in a daze, tears welling up, and hurried back to the room. I cried. A lot. It took several moments for the others to comprehend I had good news because I couldn't get words out. When I was finally able to tell them I got the position, there were cheers all around and more happy tears. It was only 10:00 in the morning, and already we had our highlight of the day.

Andy joined in towel folding
Later that morning we learned how to make the towel animals the housekeepers left on our beds at a lesson lead by Adrian, the resort's activities director. In the afternoon, Sue and I attended a cooking lesson led by Adrian as well. When he told us the ingredients in what he was making, we were pretty sure we weren't going to like it, but went to the lesson anyway. Boy, were we glad we did! The ceviche was surprisingly SO delicious! During the lesson, a lady overheard Sue and I talking about my "exciting news" and she asked if I was newly engaged. "No, I got a job today!" Everyone in the lesson-strangers-clapped and congratulated me. "Even better!" a lady exclaimed.


Sue, Dave, and I ate supper in the restaurant, and then met Jayme and Andy in the lobby where Jayme was watching her volleyball girls play via skype. The resort had a program on the pool deck for Mexican Independence Day, which we watched from the lobby. There was a buffet, followed by dancers and a mariachi band. While others were still eating, Adrian led trivia. The first question Andy googled and told me to yell the answer from the lobby. I was invited out in front and got a mini sombrero for a prize! 

Decorated for Mexican Independence Day


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