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Adios, Mexico

Our last days in Cozumel were relaxing and low-key with nothing but resort activities planned. Each day still had its highlights though!

Thursday, September 22, 2016
French toast for breakfast! Sue and I got massages in the morning, followed by some resort-sponsored "arts & crafts" time where we learned how to make the easiest and coolest string bracelets! In the afternoon, we went to the ceviche cooking lesson again. Now that we knew how good it was we weren't about to miss free food! The rest of the afternoon was pretty "typical" with some pool and hammock time. While eating supper in our room, we noticed the stunning sunset, so we left our plates and ran outside for pictures.

The evening was spent in the resort restaurant enjoying Karaoke Night! If you know me at all, you know I am not one to willingly put myself out there, especially singing karaoke. "When in Mexico" though I guess because toward the end of the night, I mustered the courage, got…

Snorkeling and Pirates!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
What a day! We were sitting on the patio, which had become a morning ritual for us, when Adrian and Azael found us and asked if we were going to feed the fish. So far we had seen adolescent and adult French Angel Fish, Doctor Fish, and Parrot Fish. Today we saw two new kinds of fish! One aptly named Black Fin because it is white with black fins, and the other was big and speckled with a mouth that jutted out in front of its face. We never learned the name of the second new fish.

After fish feeding, Sue and I changed into our swimsuits because the next activity was snorkeling! I'd never been snorkeling before, so I was nervous, but also very excited. We had the choice to wear a life jacket or not. I consider myself to be a pretty good swimmer, so I chose not. It proved harder to coordinate with the large fins than I anticipated however, and I quickly changed to wearing a life jacket. It was pretty smooth sailing then...until my goggles started to leak …

On Our Own

Monday, September 19, 2016
After a morning of packing, Andy and Jayme left for the airport shortly after lunch. Sue, Dave, and I were now on our own in Mexico for five more days. I had picked up some cultural cues and Spanish words in our stay so far, but there was no denying we just lost our resident translators! We (probably, mostly me) were determined to prove that we could make it on our own though!

We hit the ground running with a stop at the bank and taxi ride to downtown to finish our souvenir shopping! Our taxi driver was the friendliest, most talkative one we'd had all trip. We weren't sure what the name of the shopping square was, but he dropped us off at a large store down the road from the main square. We looked around, but weren't too impressed so we continued on. We found the "Isla Cozumel" sign Jayme and Andy had found days earlier and stopped for pictures. We got our bearings, found the shopping area we visited the other day, then had our Mexican p…

Race Day!

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Alarms went off at 5:15am! This was such an important day-the whole reason for traveling to Cozumel-that everyone set their alarm the night before to make sure we wouldn't miss it! This was the day that Jayme would compete with triathletes from across the globe in the World Championship!

Everyone was up, dressed, with breakfast eaten, and we were out the door at 5:45am. We walked a little over a mile in the dark to the race venue and Jayme went to set up her transition area. When everything was set, we walked to where she would begin her race with a swim in the ocean. The sun rose over the marina as she was warming up, and she started swimming at 7:08am. They swam in a rectangle, following the buoy lines off the coast from where we watched. The current on the longest part of the swim was so strong that the race officials had shortened the swim course earlier that morning. Sue and Dave stayed with Andy as he video graphed her entire swim, and I waited wit…