Snorkeling and Pirates!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
What a day! We were sitting on the patio, which had become a morning ritual for us, when Adrian and Azael found us and asked if we were going to feed the fish. So far we had seen adolescent and adult French Angel Fish, Doctor Fish, and Parrot Fish. Today we saw two new kinds of fish! One aptly named Black Fin because it is white with black fins, and the other was big and speckled with a mouth that jutted out in front of its face. We never learned the name of the second new fish.

We survived snorkeling!
After fish feeding, Sue and I changed into our swimsuits because the next activity was snorkeling! I'd never been snorkeling before, so I was nervous, but also very excited. We had the choice to wear a life jacket or not. I consider myself to be a pretty good swimmer, so I chose not. It proved harder to coordinate with the large fins than I anticipated however, and I quickly changed to wearing a life jacket. It was pretty smooth sailing then...until my goggles started to leak and water pooled in the nose piece. I completed the snorkel tour, emptying my goggles when I could and focused on breathing exclusively through my mouth, so I wouldn't accidentally get a nose full of salt water. Even with my struggles, it was a neat experience. We saw the airplane wreck and an old sunken pier. We saw a Lion Fish living in the pier and got up close views of Doctor Fish as they swam right by us.

That afternoon we got ready and headed out for our evening activity: a Pirate Dinner Cruise! The three of us walked out of the resort, dressed up for our evening. Adrian was sitting right outside the entrance and greeted us with, "Wow! You look so nice, where are you going?" Sue told him about our Pirate Ship reservations, but first we had to stop at the bank. He asked if we needed a taxi and we told him we'd come back to the resort to get one after the bank. He said he would meet us at the bank and take us in his car. "For real!?" Sue asked. "Yea." We all laughed and I caught him wink, so we walked on not thinking much of it. (After all, of course he was kidding; what kind of an offer is that!?)

When we got to the bank, Dave told us to look behind us. Adrian was standing in the open courtyard. I now know what a "bewildered look" is because that's what I gave him! When we came out of the bank he walked with us to a car and opened the doors. "Is this serious!? This is really your car?!" I asked. Yep. He's serious. He started driving us into town. The four of us made small talk, and Sue commented that we wondered where people lived because we hadn't seen any houses our entire trip. He proceeded to take us on the backstreets, giving us a little tour, explaining the road system, and showing us where the street signs were. Earlier, we had mentioned we were going to do a little shopping, so he asked us where he could drop us off, but we didn't know the name of the store. With the little information we knew, he figured it out and dropped us off right in front. Wow!

We got to the dinner cruise meeting spot early, so we found a bench in the shade and relaxed. When it was time, we checked in, got our wristbands, and were led to the pirate a pirate! Group by group we were directed on the ship, got a picture with the pirate crew, then led to our seats. After we got our picture, the pirate standing next to me said "Muy bien. I like the color of your hair." We were all seated around the outside of the wooden ship on benches and activity throughout the evening was in the open center. Our pirate crew consisted of Captain, Sparky, Porkchop, and Black Shark. Once we had set out on the open water, Sparky came over, took my hand and led me to the middle to dance. I think I did pretty well (thanks to that dance lesson the day before)! The evening was filled with a lot of audience interaction and participation, swordplay, and dancing.

When it was time for supper, they set up folding tables right in front of us, and covered them with red tablecloths. I had lobster, rice, veggies, and a small baked potato. This was my first time having lobster, and you could tell! It was served already broke open (thank goodness), but figuring out how to get it out of the shell was a real struggle! Toward the end of the meal, another guest showed me how to get it cleanly out of the shell, but by then it was too late. I regrettably left a lot of the meat in the shell, but it was still really good!
Dave, the traitor

After supper Captain said there was a traitor aboard, and all the pirates started walking toward Dave. They brought him to a post and put a noose around his neck. Pirate Porkchop stopped them from hanging him, and once they stepped away Dave ran back to his seat. Sword fighting among the pirates ensued. Our cruise ended with more dancing and limbo.

When we got a taxi, we noted that this was the latest we had stayed out all vacation (and it was around 9pm. Ha!). What a day it had been, indeed!


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