Easter Weekend

On Friday 6 April our British History class had a field trip to the National Museum of Scotland. After our tour and group work, Gabby, Courtney, and I headed across the street to Greyfriars cemetery. J.K. Rowling got some of her character names from tombstones in the cemetery. Also, on the other side of the cemetery is a private school that was the inspiration for Hogwarts.

Saturday saw a group of us WIS students at Murrayfield again for rugby! Edinburgh, Scotland took on Toulouse, France in the Heineken Cup Quarter Final. It was a very exciting game and this time the team from Scotland won! Edinburgh beat Toulouse 19-14 and will be going on to the Semi-finals!

Easter Sunday Gabby and I went to a service at Rosslyn Chapel. We arrived well before the service so we had time to tour the chapel for free. In size it is nearly opposite of all the other cathedrals and abbeys we have visited, but not in impressiveness. It is quite small, but the interior is stone and every surface is elaborately carved and engraved. After the service we met a woman who used to be a host mom for WIS students and she gave us a ride back to Dalkeith House!

Also happening this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, was the Dalkeith Country Fair. Vendors, crafts, and activities were right in our front yard! It was like a mini-Renaissance Festival with jousting, falconry, archery, and hunting hounds.

Dalkeith Country Fair in front of Dalkeith House

It may not have been a traditional Easter weekend at home in the States, but it was great nonetheless!


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