First Free Weekend

This past weekend was our first weekend in Scotland where we weren't busy all day every day with orientation. Friday through Sunday (that's right, I don't have class on Fridays!) was all ours.

Friday started with a hike up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. Arthur's Seat is a crag formed out of volcanic rock and this very large hill can be seen from virtually everywhere in Edinburgh.

The weather was great for climbing; it was overcast with a slight chill in the air, and no rain! The hike up was muddy in places (it had rained the night before), rocky in others, and overall exhausting. The payoff, however, was well worth the trek!

Gabby, Kathy, and I at the peak with Edinburgh below us.

After we tackled Arthur's Seat, Gabby and I stayed in Edinburgh to do some shopping. We stopped in one of the Ness stores (really, the store name is my last name!) where every item is named. After searching the entire store, I found a purse called Hannah!

Saturday was the Host Family tea. Another girl, Chelsea, and I share a host family. Our host mom is from Louisville, Kentucky and has lived in Scotland for nearly 7 years. Her husband and their dog Milly make up their family. They brought Chelsea and I gifts of chocolates and seem to be very excited to share Scotland and their culture with us!

On Sunday I attended my first carboot sale. Instead of garage sales, the Scottish fill a level of a car park (parking garage) and sell their unwanted items out of the boots (backs/trunks) of their cars. After the sale, we went to The Stand Comedy Club for the "Whose Lunch is it Anyways" improv show. All in all, a great weekend!


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