Wisconsin In Scotland

What better way to see the world than through studying abroad!? I first heard of the Wisconsin In Scotland program when researching colleges in high school. During my first semester at UW-Superior I learned all I could about it, and before my freshman year of college was over I had resolved to take the opportunity.

The Wisconsin In Scotland (WIS) program is a unique study abroad option. Students from various UW System schools and Normandale Community College live and learn in Dalkeith House outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. Classes are conducted in the "Palace," taught by Scottish and American professors, and the credits will transfer directly back to my transcript. Travel is encouraged through the two extended weekend travel breaks, spring break, and not to mention classes are only held Monday-Thursday.

I will also have the opportunity to learn about Scottish culture from a host family. I will not be staying with my host family, but will get to learn from them through activities and outings.

I will be embarking on this study abroad journey with my good friend, Gabrielle Ford. I'm so thankful to have a travel companion, not to mention a dear friend, going through this with me. If I were going this alone, I'm sure I'd be a nervous wreck!

My family and friends have been nothing but supportive of me and my desire to study and travel abroad. I hope to thank them by keeping them up-to-date on my adventures and stories through this blog.

Today is Monday, January 30, 2012. On Wednesday, February 1st I fly out and begin my 3 1/2 month adventure. 


  1. Hannah I am so excited for you! I was actually able to spend three weeks in the summer at the WI in Scotland house and I absolutely loved it! You have such an amazing experience ahead of you... take every opportunity to go, do and see. I can't wait to read your blog updates!! Best wishes and safe travels :)



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